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Your Airbnb Inventory Checklist

I’m not an Airbnb host. But in the past five years, my family of six has stayed in over 40 Airbnbs, a couple of Vrbos, a Classic Cottage in England, and dozens of hotels. As full-time travelers and frequent vacation rental guests, we know a thing or two about what you should include (and not include) when furnishing and supplying an Airbnb! So read on to get all the info, plus your very own, customizable, printable Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template.

Airbnb Inventory Checklist

Airbnb hosts need to rent their spaces as often as possible, to pay their bills and make a profit. And the best way to keep your rental dates booked is by getting great reviews from your previous guests!

Great Airbnbs help guests make great memories. When we look back on our travels all over the United States and Europe, we don’t just remember the tours and landmarks, the food and the activities — we remember where we stayed in each location and the unique aspects of each Airbnb.

For example, we are strongly nostalgic for the very first Airbnb we stayed in when we began our travels, on Whidbey Island in Washington. We remember the kids jumping on the trampoline, sitting around the vintage dining room table, and walking to the nearby beach and picking blackberries from the bushes.

On the other side of the coin, Airbnbs that are lacking the basic amenities are memorable in a bad way. While we had a lot of fun exploring Louisville, first we had to majorly clean and tidy our Airbnb to be able to live there for a month, as the owner had left a closet overflowing with dirty kids clothes all over the floor and a kitchen full of personal, perishable food that had attracted the attention of ants.

You want your guests to be comfortable and have the essential amenities to meet their needs while staying in your rental. Hosts who go above and beyond are sure to get rave reviews, recurring renters, and a steady stream of new guests.

What to include in your Airbnb

Airbnb Inventory Checklist

Your Airbnb should include everything your guests will need without overloading the space with unnecessary clutter. Having too much stuff is just as bad as not having enough stuff!

Let’s get into the breakdown. In the following sections, I’ll outline the items and supplies you should include in each room of your Airbnb. At the end, I’ll give you a free Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template download so you can customize your own list and start creating a comfortable, successful Airbnb!

What to include in your Airbnb’s bedrooms

For each bed:

  • Sheet set
  • Comforter or quilt
  • Pillow
  • Mattress cover

For each bedroom:

  • Extra blankets, bed linens, pillows
  • Dresser with empty drawers
  • Hangers in closet
  • Mirror
  • Easily accessible outlets and/or power strips
  • Nightstands or other surface near bed
  • Desk and chair (at least one workspace per Airbnb)

What to include in your Airbnb’s bathrooms

  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Trash can
  • Plunger & toilet brush
  • Shower curtain
  • Bath rug
  • Towel hooks or bars
  • Toiletries: body wash, shampoo, & conditioner
  • Hand soap & toothpaste
  • Toilet paper
  • Air freshener
  • Bathroom cleaning spray
  • First aid kit

What to include in your Airbnb’s living room / family room

  • Smart TV
  • Couches and/or armchairs (enough seating for Airbnb capacity)
  • End tables and/or coffee table
  • Coasters

What to include in your Airbnb’s kitchen and dining room

  • Table and chairs (enough seating for Airbnb capacity)
  • Flatware for 8
  • Dishes (8 large plates, 8 small plates, 8 bowls)
  • Mugs & drinking glasses
  • Wine glasses
  • Kids dishes, cups, & utensils
  • Fridge (empty and clean)
  • Oven/stove
  • Microwave
  • Bottled water
  • Pantry or cabinet space for guest food
  • Basic pantry staples (oil, salt & pepper, basic spices, coffee, tea, sugar)
  • Knife set
  • Oven mitts
  • Kitchen towels
  • Cooking tools (Spatula, cooking spoon, pasta server)
  • Prep tools (pizza cutter, vegetable peeler, can opener)
  • Cutting board
  • Large mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups & spoons
  • Food storage containers
  • Baking sheets
  • Casserole dish
  • Large & medium pots with lids
  • Large & medium frying pans with lids
  • Colander
  • Toaster
  • Coffee maker & tea kettle
  • Rice cooker
  • Air fryer
  • Slow cooker
  • Paper towels
  • Dish detergent & dish soap
  • Sponges
  • Clorox wipes
  • Disinfectants
  • Trash can
  • Trash bags
  • Fire extinguisher

Other essential items to include in your Airbnb

Airbnb household & cleaning supplies

  • Important info in folder or on fridge (WIFI, garbage pickup, local numbers, house rules)
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Vacuum
  • WetJet or VacMop
  • Cleaning rags or towels
  • Clorox wipes
  • Glass cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Duster
  • Laundry detergent (if washer/dryer in Airbnb)
  • Stain remover
  • Extra toilet paper & paper towels
  • Extra light bulbs
  • Pens, pencils, & notepaper
  • Scissors
  • Basic tools (screwdrivers, hammer, wrench)
  • Basic sewing kit

Books, toys, & games to include in your Airbnb

  • Books
  • Board games (Sorry, Yahtzee, Monopoly)
  • Puzzles
  • Deck of cards
  • Kids toys (Play food, dolls, toy cars, train set)

Outdoor items to include in your Airbnb

  • Beach toys, beach chairs, beach towels (if applicable)
  • Pool toys & towels (if applicable)
  • Camp chairs
  • Grill and supplies
  • Outdoor games (cornhole, bocce ball, badminton)
  • Soccer ball
  • Hose & sprinkler
  • Bikes or scooters

Optional items to include in your Airbnb to impress your guests

Here’s a few extra items that I didn’t mention above, that will go a long way in improving the guest experience at your Airbnb:

  • Floor or table lamp (especially if the natural or overhead lighting is lacking)
  • Alarm clock
  • Fans
  • Space heaters
  • Hammock
  • Patio furniture
  • Piano or other musical instruments
  • Roku (if you don’t have a smart TV)
  • HDMI cord
  • Extension cords
  • Bathroom scale
  • Video game console
  • Ping-pong, pool, or foosball table
Kenmare Airbnb

Additional tips for how to be a great Airbnb host

Now that you know everything you need to stock your Airbnb, here are a few extra tips from an expert Airbnb family!

  1. Decorate attractively but sparingly. While it’s important to include the essentials, don’t go overboard on the non-essentials. Open spaces and cleared surfaces are much preferred to areas cluttered with knick knacks and other unnecessary items. Large artwork on walls and potted plants in corners can make a space feel cozy, but go easy on anything that takes up valuable space. Be sure to give your guests the room they need for the things they’ll bring with them.
  2. Give your guests every opportunity to take good care of your space. Provide them with cleaning supplies and extra trash bags, put breakable items where kids can’t reach them, and, like I just said, leave plenty of open space instead of cluttered areas that are hard to clean.
  3. Offer a self-check-in option with a smart lock. Don’t overcomplicate things by having to coordinate arrival time. Just let the guests arrive when they arrive (after check-in time, of course), and give them an easy way to access the space!
  4. Don’t leave personal items in your Airbnb. If you have to store your things in your own Airbnb, put them in one locked closet and clearly label that door as inaccessible to guests. Use other closets for storing things your guests will use, such as a vacuum cleaner, umbrella, or ironing board and iron.
  5. Live in the space for a week. If you’ve never actually lived in your own Airbnb, try it out for a week so you’ll notice what you’re missing and can get those items before your first guests arrive.
  6. No glass tables. Maybe this is just personal preference, but so many of the Airbnbs we stayed in had glass tables. They are hard to clean, you have to clean underneath the glass as well as on top, and computer mice don’t work on the surface. Just say no to glass tables.
  7. Provide all the important info. The first thing we looked for when we arrived in a new Airbnb was the WIFI network and password. Make that so very clear and simple to find! The other information we often had to ask about was when and where to take care of our garbage. Make sure all important info is on the fridge or in a binder that’s easily found.
  8. Offer a welcome gift. This is optional, but we always appreciated it when a host went above and beyond and left us some treats to say welcome. It doesn’t have to cost much, but the thought goes a long way!

Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template

Now that you know everything you need to create the perfect Airbnb, you’ll want to grab our Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template to keep track! This includes everything we mentioned in our room-by-room lists above, and you can customize the list to your own preferences. And of course, check items off as you buy them!

Grab your free checklist!

Click the button below for instant access to your Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template.

After you click the link, you’ll be prompted to make your own copy. Click the “Make a copy” button and then you can customize your version however you’d like! You can use it in Google Drive, download it as a .doc or .pdf file, or print it out.

Airbnb Inventory Amazon Store

Even better than an Airbnb host checklist — head to our Airbnb Amazon store to find everything you need to furnish and supply your Airbnb in one place. Just add everything to your cart, checkout, and look for the packages to arrive!

As an Airbnb host, you want to provide your guests with a memorable and comfortable stay. The best way to achieve this is to ensure your rental property is equipped with everything they might need during their visit. With this Airbnb Inventory Checklist, you’re well on your way to becoming a Superhost and receiving rave reviews and generous profits from your happy guests!

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