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Your guide to all the rides at SeaWorld Orlando (2024)

Some of the biggest thrills in Orlando happen in a place that might surprise you. SeaWorld Orlando is well-known for their aquatic animal encounters and impressive orca and dolphin shows, but they also boast some of the biggest roller coasters in the area.

We’ve been to SeaWorld Orlando a number of times (thanks to Gramma and Grampa who live nearby and hold season passes which come with several guest passes and discounts!), and we’ve found it to be a park that the entire family can enjoy.

Read on to learn more about the best rides at SeaWorld Orlando!

Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

On your visit to Orlando, Florida, the theme park capital of the world, you have many amusement destinations to choose from.

While Disney and Universal Studios draw major crowds from all over the world, both animal lovers and thrill seekers will find a special experience at SeaWorld Orlando, for a fraction of the cost.

With nine rides (plus Sesame Street Land), three major shows, and a host of animal encounters, SeaWorld combines the excitement of an amusement park with the awe of an aquarium or a zoo.

SeaWorld Orlando

Below, we’ll share everything you need to know about the rides, food, and entertainment at SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld Orlando Rides

Roller Coasters

Penguin Trek (Coming in 2024!)

Height requirement: 42”
Thrill factor: 3-4 (our best guess until it opens!)

Last time we visited SeaWorld, I was confused because the penguin ride didn’t seem to be on the map or the mobile app anywhere. Well, turns out the ride I was thinking of, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, closed in March 2020 and never reopened.

But there’s good news! SeaWorld has reimagined the experience, and you can look forward to a family-friendly, indoor/outdoor roller coaster to open in 2024: Penguin Trek!

Hop a snowmobile and go on an immersive expedition across icy Antarctica, ending in my personal favorite place in SeaWorld, the penguin exhibit!


Height requirement: 54”
Thrill factor: 5


The newest attraction at SeaWorld is a surfing-themed, stand-up coaster with lots of airtime. That’s right, I said a stand-up coaster!

The bottom of this surf coaster is designed to look like a giant surfboard, so you can really feel like you’re riding the waves.

SeaWorld Surf Coaster Pipeline

The big kids and I got to ride Pipeline shortly after it opened in 2023, and we loved it!

This ride is perfect if: You want maximum thrills!


Height requirement: 54”
Thrill factor: 5


Manta is a unique and intense coaster experience where you lie face down as you soar through several hills and loops. You’ll feel like you’re a manta ray, swooping and gliding through the ocean…except you’ll be up in the air screaming!

This ride is perfect if: You want to try a face-down coaster!


Height requirement: 54”
Thrill factor: 5


Release the Kraken! This is an exciting floorless coaster with a sea monster theme. Expect several inversions and a lot of adrenaline — a must-ride for coaster enthusiasts.

This ride is perfect if: You like suspended coasters with lots of loops! 


Height requirement: 54”
Thrill factor: 5


Mako is the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in Orlando. Riders will get an exhilarating ride experience, with steep drops, breathtaking speeds, and weightless moments.

Named after the mako shark, the coaster is designed to mimic the smooth, swift movements of a shark through the ocean’s currents. Thrill-seekers will not want to miss this one!

This ride is perfect if: Your favorite type of roller coaster is one with steep hills and heart-stopping drops.

Ice Breaker

Height requirement: 48”
Thrill factor: 5

Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker is an Arctic-themed roller coaster with multiple launches and a reverse launch. The coaster’s design, with its sharp peaks and steep drops, mirrors the jagged ice caps of the Arctic.

My big kids like Ice Breaker, but they think the other coasters are more fun, so if you’re short on time, you could skip this one.

This ride is perfect if: You want to experience a backward-moving coaster!

Theme Park Must-Haves

Drawstring bag
Portable charger

Water Rides

Journey to Atlantis

Height requirement: 42”
Thrill factor: 3

Journey to Atlantis

Imagine if a log flume and a roller coaster had a baby. Journey to Atlantis is a hybrid between a coaster and a water ride, with lots of hills and drops and a big splash at the end. 

Fans of storytelling rides will enjoy journeying through the mythical city before the big finish.

After your ride, take a few moments to gaze at the marine life in the adjacent aquarium. We love the moon jellies!

Moon Jellies

This ride is perfect if: You want to get wet while coasting down big hills!

Infinity Falls

Height requirement: 42”
Thrill factor: 4

Infinity Falls is a river rapid ride that takes place on several levels. You’ll even take a short trip up a water elevator to get to the first hill.

Riders board a large round raft that navigates through some intense rapids, ending with a significant drop. Be prepared to get very wet!

This ride is perfect if: It’s a hot day and you have a group of people who want to have some watery fun and thrills!

Family Rides

Sky Tower

Height requirement: 48”
Thrill factor: 2

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower may look daunting, but in reality it’s a calm, slow ride that offers you a panoramic view of Orlando.

Head to the Sky Tower if you want to get your bearings and see the layout of the park from high up, or if you just need a break from walking but don’t want to miss out on any ride time.

Note: A ride on the Sky Tower requires a separate ticket, for a small fee, unless you are a passholder.

This ride is perfect if: You have a variety of ages and thrill preferences in your group, and you want to enjoy a nice view of the park and Orlando.

Flamingo Paddle Boats

Height requirement: n/a
Thrill factor: 1

Flamingo Paddle Boats

For a small extra fee, you can power your own Flamingo Paddle Boat in a serene lagoon setting. It’s a relaxing change of pace from riding the coasters and perfect for when you need a break from walking but still want to work off lunch. See if you can spy real flamingos from your boat!

This ride is perfect if: You want to enjoy a calming boat ride and don’t mind paddling as you go.

Sesame Street Land

Sesame Street Land

It’s not all roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando! Younger visitors will have tons of fun at Sesame Street Land.

This area of the park is packed with interactive play areas and a collection of kid-friendly rides designed specifically for the younger set, making it a great place for families.

Little ones can take a spin with Elmo on Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, soar through the skies on Abby’s Flower Tower, and get splashed at Rubber Duckie Water Works.

Plus, there are daily dance parties, parades, and opportunities to meet and get photos with your favorite Sesame Street characters.

SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street parade

Rides & Attractions in Sesame Street Land:

  • Abby’s Flower Tower
  • Cookie Drop!
  • Elmo’s Choo Choo Train (36” height requirement)
  • Rosita’s Harmony Hills (play area)
  • Rubber Duckie Water Works (play area)
  • Slimey’s Slider
  • Sunny Day Carousel
  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby (38” height requirement)

The best order to ride SeaWorld Orlando rides

Like any park, you’ll want to head to the most popular rides first. But you’ll need to stay flexible. Some rides don’t open at the same time as the park, some close early, and it’s always possible for a ride to be shut down for a period of time during the day.

If you want to prioritize the biggest rides, you won’t be taking the most efficient path around the park, as you’ll have to double back and change course several times. But it’s not a bad plan to take a straighter path and ride the rides as you come to them.

Can I ride every ride at SeaWorld Orlando in one day?

SeaWorld Orlando can be done in a day — if you plan well and pack your day full of fun. The tricky part is riding the rides while also fitting in the shows, animal encounters, meals, and shopping!

If you’re headed to the park on a busy day, we highly recommend purchasing Quick Queue for anyone who will be riding all the rides. This pass gets you to the front of the line and can save you lots of waiting time. With SeaWorld’s affordable ticket prices, it won’t break the bank to add Quick Queue to your pass, and you’ll likely be able to ride your favorite rides several times.

You’ll have the best chance of maximizing your ride time if you visit during a less busy time of year (January, September, and the first half of November are our picks), go on a weekday, go on a day when the park is open early and closes late, and go early!

Arrive at SeaWorld Orlando at least 30 minutes before the posted opening time. You’ll be near the front of the line, and once you’re inside you’ll be able to get right on your first few rides.

Sea World Entrance

With the caveat that you should check show times as soon as they are available for the day, and plan your ride times around the shows you want to catch, this is the order we recommend hitting the SeaWorld Orlando rides.

SeaWorld Orlando ride order 2024

With this ride order, we prioritized popular rides while doing our best to minimize walking across large sections of the park between rides.

This schedule has you basically walking around the park in two circles, which should give you the opportunity to slot in the animal shows when you’re nearby.

Here’s our ride order recommendation:

Coasters first:

  1. Pipeline
  2. Manta
  3. Kraken
  4. Mako
  5. Ice Breaker

Family rides next:

  1. Sesame Street Land rides
  2. Flamingo Paddle Boats

Time to get wet:

  1. Infinity Falls
  2. Journey to Atlantis

For a sunset view:

  1. Sky Tower

What to do other than rides at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld has some of the best coasters in Orlando, plus a couple of fun water rides, and a host of kiddie rides in Sesame Street Land. However, rides aren’t even the main draw of SeaWorld Orlando.

The main focus at SeaWorld Orlando is the marine life you can encounter there, especially in the dolphin and orca shows. You’ll want to be sure you fit entertainment into your day, and don’t forget about shopping and eating!

Here are some of the other things you should consider when planning your day at SeaWorld:

SeaWorld Orlando entertainment

Even amid the impressive rides at SeaWorld Orlando, the best thing to do at the park is attend their aquatic animal shows: Dolphin Adventures, Orca Encounter, and Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight.

These inspiring shows both entertain and educate guests, as the animal trainers teach you impressive facts about these majestic ocean creatures while showing off the incredible feats that only they can perform.

Dolphin Adventures celebrates the playful spirit and intelligence of bottlenose dolphins. Alongside their skilled trainers, these dolphins perform dazzling jumps, spins, and tricks.

At Orca Encounter, guests can get an up close look at orca whales, as their trainers teach the audience about orca behavior and their role in our ecosystem.

Orca Encounter show

Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight is a comedic act that will have you giggling as you watch these smart, funny animals interact with their human handlers.

The animal shows at SeaWorld are a blend of fun, learning, and spectacle, emphasizing the wonders of aquatic life.

And for those who are concerned about animal safety and happiness, you should know that SeaWorld is American Humane Certified. This isn’t an assurance that every park around the world that houses animals is treating them well, but expert auditors and veterinarians “witnessed excellent care and healthy animals” at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld Orlando animal encounters

You’ll definitely want to take some time to visit all the wonderful and interesting species of animals that live at SeaWorld Orlando (my favorite being the penguins!). There are a variety of exhibits where you can observe them, plus a few paid experiences where you can get up close and personal.

Empire of the Penguin

Here are some of the animal encounters you won’t want to miss:

  • Alligator Habitat
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
  • Dolphin Cove
  • Flamingo Cove
  • Jewel of the Sea Aquarium
  • Manta Aquarium
  • Orca Underwater Viewing
  • Pacific Point Preserve (sea lions!)
  • Shark Encounter
  • Stingray Lagoon
  • and more!

For the most enthusiastic animal lovers, check out the many up-close encounters and tours offered by SeaWorld for an extra fee. It’ll be well worth the extra cost to be able to actually touch a dolphin, play with a penguin, and get amazing photos with a sea lion.

SeaWorld Orlando special events

In early January, head to SeaWorld Orlando for the Three Kings Celebration, then return in late January for Sesame Street Kids’ Weekend and Elmo’s Birthday Weekend.

In the late winter and spring, SeaWorld hosts the Seven Seas Food Festival where you can enjoy food from around the world.

SeaWorld also celebrates Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo. And in the summer, experience SeaWorld Summer Spectacular, with a night time dance party.

At Halloween time, you can attend the Howl-O-Scream, a separately ticketed event full of scares. For the younger set, try the SeaWorld Spooktacular, a family-friendly daytime event that’s included with your regular park tickets.

In November and December, you can feel the holiday spirit with SeaWorld Christmas Celebration, featuring special food, shows, and entertainment. They also host a New Year’s Eve event on the last day of the year.

Check the SeaWorld Orlando website for more details and dates for all their events.

SeaWorld Orlando food

You’re bound to get hungry throughout all this excitement, and SeaWorld offers plenty of good food to keep you fueled and going strong all day long!

We like the Expedition Café near the penguin exhibit for their tasty food, generous portions, and air-conditioned indoor seating!

Sea World Food

The Lakeside Grill offers Mexican-inspired dishes alongside a gorgeous waterfront view. And head to Voyager’s Smokehouse for some of the best BBQ you’ll ever taste!

For those who plan to eat several meals throughout the day, SeaWorld Orlando’s All-Day Dining Deal is a great option. You get to eat all day for one fixed price — every 90 minutes you can have a drink, entree, and either a side or a dessert. An amazing deal for big eaters who want to try everything!

You can also opt for an upscale dining experience at Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar, or eat among the whales with Dine with Orcas.

For guests who want to grab quick bites in between rides and shows, you have plenty of counter-service options, such as Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs and Panini Shore Café.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, an animal lover, or simply looking for a memorable day with family, SeaWorld Orlando promises a blend of fun, thrills, and learning, making it a must-visit destination in the theme park capital of the world. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for marine life and have a ton of fun at the same time. Sea you there! 😉

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