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21 Travel Gifts for Couples (2023)

There’s nothing more romantic than embarking on an adventure and traveling somewhere new with your loved one. So many couples and newlyweds have the goal of traveling the world together, and you can help them out with this list of the best travel gifts for couples!

travel gifts for couples

My husband and I have been married for 18 years, and just last weekend I surprised him with a day trip to a new city. We hopped on a flight, flew two states away, and spent the day enjoying delicious food by the beach and admiring street murals in the city center.

There’s something inherently romantic about going somewhere you’ve never been. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a newly married couple or a couple who have been together for years and logged many trips, you’re sure to delight them with a travel-themed gift.

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Travel Gifts for Couples

You might choose to give a gift that the couple can take with them on their travels and use while on the road, or you could pick out a gift that allows them to remember and celebrate their travels once they’ve returned home.

I’ve divided my list of the best couple travel gifts into two sections: travel gifts for couples on the road and travel gifts for couples who’ve come home. Whichever direction you choose, there are plenty of great options — just like traveling!

Travel gifts for couples on the road

Help your favorite twosome hit the road and start making memories! These great travel gift ideas include travel essentials and fun items that will keep them comfortable and prepared on their journey.

His and her ruckpacks

I will never stop recommending these ruckpacks from REI! My husband and I used these travel backpacks all throughout our travels, including during our ten months of backpacking across Europe.

They fit everything you need and can be worn on your back — or you can zip up the straps and carry the bag like a duffel (great for carrying on an airplane). One of the best gifts for a new couple!

Packing cubes

Stay neat and organized by packing all of your clothes and accessories in packing cubes! We found that a set of three cubes (large, medium, and small) were perfect for containing all of our clothes and fit easily into our backpacks.

I like EzPacking’s packing cubes because you can get everyone his or her own color and always know whose is whose!

Toiletry bags

What present would be cuter or more practical than a his and hers set of toiletry bags? Grab two of these bags in two different colors, fill them up with travel-sized toiletries, and watch the joy on their faces as they open your gift and find bonus gifts!

Passport holder gift set

This passport holder gift set is the perfect travel gift for a wedding! It includes Mr. and Mrs. passport holders, luggage tags, and sand keepsake jars. They’ll be all set for their first vacation as a couple.

Custom matching hoodies

Your favorite couple will be cute and comfy on their travels with this set of custom matching hoodies! The custom design is subtle and unique, with their special date translated into Roman numerals and an optional initial monogram on the sleeve. A great wedding gift!

Microfiber towels

Are you a practical gift giver? If so, definitely grab some microfiber towels for your favorite traveling couple. They are perfect to take on the road because they fold up super flat, dry quickly, and can be used for lots of different purposes.

Packable hammock for two

If the couple is outdoorsy and planning on a road trip or camping trip, they’ll absolutely love this packable hammock for two. Combine it with ingredients for s’mores for the perfect travel gift!

Travel journal and scrapbook

Help the couple remember their travel adventures for years with this travel journal and scrapbook that they can easily slip into a backpack and take along on their journey.

Travel Challenges card deck

Level up their travel adventures by gifting your favorite couple with this Travel Challenges card deck. Each card offers a different idea for planning a fun day of adventure and romance.

The World’s Most Romantic Destinations book

Where should a couple travel on their first trip together? Help them decide by gifting them with this book about The World’s Most Romantic Destinations! They’ll be using it as inspiration to plan their adventures for years to come.

Travel gifts for couples who’ve come home

Maybe the couple you’re gifting already has the essentials for traveling. That’s okay — you can still honor their love of travel with these great gift ideas to help them remember all the places they’ve visited.

Custom map blanket

If you know the couple’s favorite location — maybe the city where they met or where they went on their honeymoon — get them a cozy custom map blanket with a map of that destination.

Color map mug

This color map mug is the gift that keeps on giving for travel lovers, because the couple can color in each place they visit over the years and remember them each day as they drink their morning coffee!

Push pin map with heart pins

I love this push pin map because the couple can get specific about their favorite cities in each state and mark them with a heart-shaped wooden pin. It’s a great anniversary gift, too!

Bucket list scratch-off posters

These bucket list scratch-off posters are a great couple travel gift because they’ll use them for years as they log more and more adventures!

Personalized coin holder

This personalized coin holder is a perfect gift that will look beautiful in any home as it displays unique currency the couple picks up along their travels.

Travel photo frame

This is my favorite travel photo frame because of the included letter board! The couple can use both photos and words to commemorate their favorite trip.

Custom adventures ornament

Ask the couple you’re gifting about their travel adventures over the past year, and then gift them with this custom adventures ornament so they’ll remember their travels every Christmas for years to come!

Travel-themed games

Gifting a couple who loves both travel and games? You’ll be giving them hours of fun with a travel-themed game like Ticket to Ride or Pandemic Legacy.

Whatever you choose to give as a gift for your favorite travel-loving couple — whether a practical item they can use on the road or something for their home that celebrates their travel memories — you’ll be helping them add more adventure and romance to their relationship. The couple that goes places together, stays together!

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