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28 Awesome Travel Gifts for Dad (2023)

It’s that time again. Time to find the perfect present for the travel-loving dad in your life! Well, look no further, because today I’m sharing all of the best travel gifts for dads.

After four years of full-time travel, we know a thing or two about the best travel products. Dad needs to be comfortable and prepared on the road, and he’ll want a way to honor his travels and favorite destinations once he returns home.

Does the dad in your life love to hit the open road on the Great American Road Trip? Is he an international jetsetter? Is his happy place around the campfire? Is he great at finding the best hidden gems in his own hometown? We’ve got a great travel gift for every kind of dad!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your own dad, shopping for your husband, or buying something for the kids to give their dad, there’s no better feeling than picking out a gift that you know will delight him, and then getting to see the look on his face when he opens it.

Let’s unwrap this world of possibilities together and find that perfect gift that says, “The world awaits, and it’s yours to explore!”

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Travel Gifts for Dad

Now for the fun part — let’s dive into this list of travel gifts! We’ll start off with some of the essential travel items for the dad who is ready for his next adventure, and we’ll also cover the best travel-themed gifts to help Dad remember his favorite trips.

Whatever the occasion — Christmas, Father’s Day, his birthday — this list is sure to help you find the perfect travel gift for Dad!

Travel clothing for Dad

First, let’s make sure Dad is suited up and ready to hit the open road with travel clothing that is comfortable, durable, and versatile.

Safari shirt

A traveling dad needs a shirt that can go anywhere with him. This safari shirt is a great neutral piece that can be dressed up or down and can be worn on a plane, on a day of sightseeing, or even hiking a mountain!

Kuhl pants

Gotta have the pants to go with the shirt! Get dad the whole outfit and gift him with the perfect travel pants that will keep him comfortable, looking good, and ready for adventure.

Beep free belt

Anything that makes going through airport security faster is a huge win in our book. How many times has Dad had to walk back through the scanner to take off his belt? Well, he won’t have to ever again with this beep-free belt!

Money belt

With this money belt, Dad can be hands-free and carry his valuables without worrying about pickpockets. He can hide his cash and other small items in this belt’s secret compartment and focus on enjoying a day of exploring!

All-weather jacket

A traveling Dad has to be prepared for all weather, and he will in this all-weather jacket. With its detachable hood, lightweight design, and many pockets, Dad will stay warm, dry, and comfortable on his travels.

Travel packing must-haves for Dad

He’s got the clothes, now let’s make sure our traveling dad has everything he needs to pack the essentials for his trip.


This REI ruckpack is what my own husband used for all four years of our travels, and he continues to use it whenever we go on a trip. It perfectly fits his clothes, toiletries, and tech gear (including a full-sized laptop), and he can zip up the straps to transform it from a backpack to a duffle bag — great for flying!

Backpack lock

Make sure Dad’s things stay safe and secure with a backpack lock. With this one, he can set his own three digit code he’ll never forget!

Luggage tag

Help Dad keep track of his bag with a luggage tag that includes his name, address, phone number, and email address. Hopefully it never gets lost, but this way if it does, it has the best chance of making it back to him!

Packing cubes

Dad can stay organized on all his travels with a set of packing cubes. We found these to be so useful while traveling the world. They keep his clothes neat and organized and efficiently stored when going from place to place.

Toiletry bag

With this toiletry bag, Dad can keep items like his toothpaste, deodorant, and shaving cream away from his clothes. He can also easily carry everything he needs into the bathroom all at once to get ready for a day of adventuring!

Travel-sized toiletry kit

Fill up Dad’s toiletry bag in one swoop with this travel-sized toiletry kit for men. Or, if you know all his favorite products, make him a custom kit and gift it in the aforementioned toiletry bag!

On-the-go travel gifts for Dad

Now, let’s make sure Dad has everything he needs for a smooth, comfortable journey. Here are some great gift ideas for Dads on the go!

Collapsible water bottle

Dad’s gotta stay hydrated, and now he can do it without taking up any extra space. When this collapsible water bottle is empty, he can just roll it up and stick it in his backpack or pocket!

Travel wallet

The best travel wallet is slim and can be stuck in a front pocket or a secret chest pocket. Make sure Dad leaves his hefty wallet at home and only takes the essential credit cards and cash on the road.

Universal plug adapter

If Dad is headed overseas, he’ll definitely be needing a power adapter. Gift him this universal adapter so he’ll be ready to plug in his electronics wherever in the world he goes!

Portable charger

A dad on-the-go will want to make sure his phone is always charged. On a full day of traveling, battery life can be a problem, and a portable charger can be a lifesaver!

Travel pillow

Make sure Dad is comfortable on his travels and able to get some sleep on those long journeys. With this versatile neck pillow, he’ll be able to catch some Zzzs anywhere — on a plane, train, bus, or car.

Pocket Hand Sanitizer

When Dad is out and about, he’ll want to have pocket hand sanitizer at the ready. Exploring a city? Just think of how many other hands have touched those stair handrails and subway poles. Best to sanitize every once in a while and keep yourself healthy!


On a long journey, Dad’s going to need some entertainment! Gift him with an Audible subscription or some of his favorite books in audio format, especially ones about traveling.

Travel-themed gifts for Dad

Maybe Dad isn’t planning his next great adventure just yet — but you want to remind him of his favorite past travels. These travel-themed gifts are perfect for the Dad who has been everywhere.

Etched Map Rocks Glass

Last Christmas, I gifted my husband with these beautiful etched map rocks glasses. I got him a set of four, with the maps of four of his favorite destinations. A very classy gift for a Dad who wants to remember his favorite places.

Travel stub diary

My husband isn’t one to spend lots of time writing about our travels, but he does get sentimental about mementos! This travel stub diary is the perfect way to easily store those ticket stubs, brochures, and other small memories of his travels.

Classy globe

When Dad is back home or at the office, help him remember his time spent traveling the world with this classic, antique-style globe. It’ll look extra classy on a shelf alongside some of his unique travel souvenirs and will inspire him to plan his next trip!

Wall map

Does Dad have a large wall that needs decorating? He’ll love this wooden 3D wall map that will bring the spirit of adventure to any room!

More of a canvas art kind of guy? Get this attractive canvas wall art world map.

National park posters

Does the dad in your life have a special place in his heart for the national parks? If so, get him some vintage-style national park posters of his favorite parks so he can remember his adventures when he’s back home.

International snack sampler

After spending a year in Europe, we love finding rare European treats here in the US. Enjoying a chocolate bar or cookie can bring back memories of our favorite destinations. Gift Dad with an international snack sampler to recall his best travel moments while enjoying a snack!

Travel experience gifts for Dad

The best gift for a dad who loves to travel is…more traveling! Book a fun activity where Dad can get out into the world and experience it, whether that’s on your next trip or just in your own hometown.

Guided tour

Book a tour with a local expert, or do the research and plan your own itinerary for exploring a new place. You don’t have to go far — find a historical or unique location in your own hometown that you haven’t explored yet, and take Dad there!

Food tour

I’ve never met a dad who didn’t love to eat! Take him on a food tour on your next family vacation and have tons of fun taste-testing all the local specialties and delights.

Unique experience

What other fun and unique experiences can you find nearby? We love to use Airbnb Experiences to find locals offering tours, classes, photo shoots, and destination-specific activities that we wouldn’t otherwise know about. From dance lessons to a cocktail making class, gift Dad with an experience to remember!

Cocktail class

In this list of the best travel gifts for Dad, we’ve highlighted items that are not just practical, but also evoke the spirit of adventure. Whether the dad in your life is a seasoned traveler or a local adventurer, these gifts are sure to surprise and delight!

Gifting is not just about the item — it’s about the joy he’ll find in new experiences and the stories he’ll have to share. Happy travels, Dad!

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